Real Sex or Reel Sex?

Have you ever watched two (maybe three or four) actors having sex on film? I have... A LOT. Sometimes it's hard to tell if what you're watching is actually two people having sex, or just actors going through the motions. There's a fine line between simulated and unsimulated sex, so I'm going to present to you some scenes from mainstream and not-so-mainstream movies, and I will leave it to you to decide... SEX / NO SEX?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Taimie Hannum in "Life Of A Gigolo"

Life of a Gigolo... It's a documentary about me. No, just kidding... or am I? Yes, I am :( This movie features a scene with Taimie Hannum, and she is one sexy biatch. This guy must be the gigolo in question, because he treats Taimie to some hot sex. Fucking douche, all up in my woman... or is he? What do you professional spank monkeys think, SEX/NO SEX?

This guy votes: NO SEX

Download this scene here:,g/Taimie-Hannum-Life-of-a-Gigolo-01.html


  1. Hello! I think this scene isn't real sex. Anyway, can you put a query for Brande Roderick also in "Life of a gigolo" in very hot scene with Mark Ritter? By joy and passion between them, scenes look so real and judging by that and by her sighs I think Mark was very lucky guy! Thx!

  2. Pornography is evil! It can ruin your lives!

  3. Jack is right!!

  4. Can anyone look up all scenes by Mandy Fisher. I'm convinced in Twisted Desires she did it with Brad Bartram. And her other films too.

  5. softcore videos uploaded everywhere in the net is edited. they are originally rated x or xx they are not xxx hardcore back in the day, it's obvious that they have sex on camera, whenever the woman's toungue is about to go wild they edit/cut it. i've watched most of their original uncut versions(not US versions) before & they are hot hot hot. i'd masturbate to those uncut versions in a heart beat but its hard to masturbate when its edited cos' people of today are pussies/selfish over good quality porn. :\