Real Sex or Reel Sex?

Have you ever watched two (maybe three or four) actors having sex on film? I have... A LOT. Sometimes it's hard to tell if what you're watching is actually two people having sex, or just actors going through the motions. There's a fine line between simulated and unsimulated sex, so I'm going to present to you some scenes from mainstream and not-so-mainstream movies, and I will leave it to you to decide... SEX / NO SEX?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wei Tang in "Lust/Caution"

I've heard of Poon Tang, but never Wei Tang... That is until she appeared in a movie called Lust/Caution. Now I don't expect to hear of her ever again. It's like a one night stand, only better because I didn't have to worry about getting her off, just myself... Now this movie contains a couple of sex scenes, and they do appear very convincing. What do you think, SEX/NO SEX?

This guy votes: SEX

Download this scene here:


  1. If this guy didn't get rock hard in these scenes with Tang Wei, then he really IS gay, as he portrayed in Jackie Chan's Gorgeous. You can see his shaft going upward, especially, in the 3rd image where Tang is straddling him. LUCKY BASTARD!

    1. In watching these scenes, there's one scene where he's thrusting ito her and I wonder, because he's pulling out too far [the typical], tiny, Japanese man's dick! LOL!