Real Sex or Reel Sex?

Have you ever watched two (maybe three or four) actors having sex on film? I have... A LOT. Sometimes it's hard to tell if what you're watching is actually two people having sex, or just actors going through the motions. There's a fine line between simulated and unsimulated sex, so I'm going to present to you some scenes from mainstream and not-so-mainstream movies, and I will leave it to you to decide... SEX / NO SEX?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bo Derek in "Bolero"

Here are a couple of scenes from a movie called Bolero, which was apparently a real piece of crap. I wouldn't know because I only ever watched the good scenes which featured a young and super-hot Bo Derek getting it on with some no-name douche. Maybe it's just me, but it looks like Bo is enjoying some man meat in these scenes... I leave it to you to decide, SEX/NO SEX?

This guy votes: NO SEX

Download this scene here:


  1. It's hard to tell from the photos, and you don't see any direct evidence of real penetration in the film, but if you watch them move, it looks real. I'm inclined to think it's real on the grounds that neither is a good enough actor to make it look that real, if it's not.

  2. I'd fuck her big time .

  3. They have a "pouch" that males can wear to put away their junk. And the LADIES have a patch that kind of sticks on like pasties. It prevents penetration and allows "free reign" for the guys without penetration.